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We always try to live by our mantra of  ‘work hard and be nice to people’. Forming relationships with our clients and ensuring they are happy is very important to us, read on to find out what Ian Pickett, Founding Partner of Drayton Partners thinks about the outcome of their rebrand and working with Absolute.

Ian approached us initially to perform a brand audit, he felt like their existing brand “Smarter” was possibly a touch arrogant and didn’t really cut to the benefit of using Drayton. He and the team felt a brand evolution was necessary. So we worked closely with them through a brand workshop to uncover the very essence of the business and their vision for the future. Once we developed the brand we then got to work bringing it to life through every aspect of the business, from their website to candidate packs, through to their office interior.

A Q&A with Ian Pickett

Do you feel your brand now accurately reflects your business?
Yes. We’ve actually changed the way we recruit to ensure that we are really true to our brand and that it’s not just a hollow statement.

Do you feel that you have more confidence when approaching clients with your marketing collateral?
Definitely. Importantly, it’s not just been about the design but also been about the tactile nature of the material. We believe we’ve ended up with materials that show our business in the best possible light.

Have your sales increased as a direct result of the rebrand and marketing materials produced?
I’m sure we’ve won work, in fact I know we’ve won work because of the materials, but whether this is true incremental business is impossible to know.

“What I will say, is that some of the most respected businesses, globally, have been impressed by the collateral and have referenced this as a reason they wanted to work with us.”

Have you have received a return on your investment?
We believe that we receive a good ROI.

Do you feel we add value over agencies?
Absolute have been more accommodating of our very fussy ways!
They are open to ideas but willing to push more adventurous suggestions and are easy to deal with. 

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